Our Philosophy

At its core, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is a simple source of clean renewable energy. The energy conversion requires no moving parts, is globally available, and relies on a consistent and historically predictable fuel—sunshine.

The decisions made during the investment period of a project may determine not only if a project will be built or not, but also whether the project will perform according to expectation. After more than a decade of evaluating and investing in solar PV projects, we are aware that successful solar investments are realized through a combination of fundamentals analysis, structural optimization, creativity, determination, and oversight. We’ve formed our investment team around this central tenet.

Our team selects markets, projects, and development partners based on our core analysis. We’ve had the opportunity to evaluate several gigawatts of potential projects and are equally proud of the opportunities that we have passed on as we are of the investments we have made—and continue to learn from both. As a team of solar investment professionals with practical experience in solar technology and operations our analysis does not stop once we make a commitment to a project. We are continually aspiring for the optimal performance of our investments—for our investors, for the life of the asset.

Core to our philosophy is operational integrity, transparency, and alignment—with our investors, with our project partners, and with the local communities in which we build our projects. As a team that has built our careers in a market that has gone from kilowatts to gigawatts in scale, we understand that our reputation, trust, and ultimately success are built on these fundamental tenets. We have a dedicated group of investors that share our vision for a profitable transition to a more reliable and cleaner energy future.