Our Philosophy

At its core, solar is a simple, predictable, and widely available source of energy. We are committed to creating the world’s premier solar-only investment firm, and we understand that achieving this goal is rooted in generating trust and alignment with, and ultimately superior returns for, our investors and project partners. We seek this outcome through combining:

A world-class team

Members of our team have spent over a decade evaluating and investing in solar PV projects. We have applied fundamental analysis, structural optimization, creativity, determination, and oversight to each project.

Perpetual learning

We’ve evaluated gigawatts of potential projects, and we continue to learn as much from the investments that we pass on as we do from those that we make.

Focus on solar

our firm’s core competency

Integrity, transparency and trust

during the entire investment lifecycle

Rigorous analysis

of all investments from a fundamental perspective

Creativity, flexibility and speed

in project structuring

We have a dedicated group of investors that share our vision for a profitable transition to a more reliable and cleaner energy future.